We’ve Gone Green

Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere

You’d have to be off-grid to have not seen some news about the international plastic problem in recent months. It is causing problems at all levels of the eco system, so we made December 2018 a big month for us and we decided to stop adding to it wherever we could.

Here are the steps we have taken to reduce our business impact on the environment:

1. No More Plastic Pots!

That’s right! We’ve left the plastic pots and we’ve gone with ‘bak2earth oxodegradable bags.’ These new bags won’t hang around too long, unlike the plastic pots.

This is a big brand image change for us – we hope you favour our reasoning.

2. Recycled labels

We’ve moved to 100% recycled paper labels. We are using unlaminated paper to ensure maximum degradability.

We are sad to see our shiny lion label go, but who knows how long those labels would take to break down, beautiful though they were (wistful sigh.)

3. Eco-Printer

We’ve taken our label printing in house with an Eco printer that doesn’t use those horrible expensive plastic cartridges. Our new printer from Canon uses free flowing ink instead of disposable cartridges meaning minimised plastic waste from us through printing.

Further, in house printing, though trickier, means we can run short label batches, which means we don’t end up binning hundreds or thousands of non-recyclable fancy labels in the bin whenever there’s a product or label change.

That said, we will be using up our residual stock of non-eco labels, as it seems mad to bin them just for the ‘universal move to green all in one go’, and seems hypocritical to us.

Similarly, when having leaflets produced out of house, be assured we are opting for the recycled paper options.

4. Paper and Packing

A small detail, but still a detail – our parcel tapes were all plastic-based. We’re using up the last of the stock then we have paper-based degradable tape to replace the plastic.

Wherever possible, our packing is directly re-used from orders we have received, or easily recyclable AND degradable, like cardboard.

We hope you appreciate our effort and will feel that little bit better when ordering from us, knowing that the environmental impact of shopping with us is as low as we can make it for now.

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