Q: What are the essential amino acids? The essential amino acids are 9 out of the 20 total amino acids that your body cannot make itself, nor can it synthesize them from other materials.  This means that if you are not eating food with them in, you are not getting them at all.  And they are responsible for some pretty important body functions. All 9 essential amino acids (Lysine, Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Methionine, Histidine, Trytophan) plus one conditionally essential amino acid – Tyrosine – are included in our blend. 

Q: Why haven’t I heard of them before? Probably because they have technical names.  Vitamins are the same but they were made ‘easy access’ with the ‘A,B,C’ nomenclature, and most people remember some minerals from school…but not amino acids.  For some strange reason, amino acids are bundled in with ‘protein’ on food labels, while vitamins and minerals enjoy special mention.  But Amino acids are not proteins!  Proteins are made up of amino acids, but they do much more than just equip the body to build muscle (which they do), they are building blocks for mood, drive, wellbeing & satisfaction, cartilage, skin, hair, nails and numerous other metabolic and systemic functions in the body.  Without proper food labelling, you cannot know which amino acids you get lots of and which you may need to seek out for a true ‘balanced and varied diet.’  Without this information, it is easier for deficiencies to creep in over time, affecting your wellbeing and potential.

Q: Why do I need an essential amino acid supplement? See our infographic for a sense of the reasons why we think supplementing with the essential amino acids is a wise choice. Many nutritionists say you get enough from diet, but that is a balanced diet that takes these special 9 amino acids into account.  If you have never done that, you may want to consider supplementation. Soil depletion has caused over a century and a half of Iodine deficiency and national health crises, and also depletion in vitamins and minerals, leading to fortification of basic cereals and staples such as bread to ensure certain levels are effective in the population.  Amino acids have not yet been considered in the same light because they are so multi-functional – your body does so much with each one, it is difficult for science to meet its own strict rules on specificity to draw a clear conclusion, so you have to. Soil depletion (72% in Europe, 83% in USA) causes a limited nutrient profile in the plant, meaning anything eating the plant may THINK it is getting a full nutrient complement, but may not be.  If you then consider that many plants grown for consumption these days are grown either in depleted soil, or in hydroponics, both of which require an enriched and complete nutritional profile to ensure the plant can give you what it is capable of.  Our problem is that plant science adopts a ‘needs first’ policy, meaning most off-the-shelf nutrients offer a basic needs-only spectrum for the plant.  Enhanced nutrients that include things like abundant amino acids are very expensive ‘boosters’ or ‘premium’ lines, and we don’t know which farmers or which suppliers are using these to enrich the profile of the plants. Processed foods often contain even less amino acids than they could as they are usually made with food derivatives rather than whole foods. You must make up your own mind, but I, the founder of Bright Presence, started making this blend for myself because I did not feel I was getting the resources my body needed to Excel and Thrive from the limited profile in the foods I was eating.  It was only when I experienced astonishing personal results, as did those I shared my blend with, that I wanted to share the benefits by offering it here, for you. 

Q: What will it do for me? It depends on your unique diet, which only you have (personal favourites, things you don’t like etc).  Usually, folks will experience a ‘top up’ in the areas they may be harbouring quiet deficiencies.  So some people experience lots of energy, others increased clarity and focus, others again will experience wellbeing and relief.  This is simply the result of the body getting what it is seeking from your food – it is not a drug or herb effect at all, though it can be easily confused as one by some. If you notice nothing, then you may have had no deficiencies, in this case, your body will simply use the amEnO as a source of amino acids like in food. You may also need to experiment with your serving size. Have a look at the reviews that users have been posting.  You can see that they vary, but the general comment is very positive. 

Q: Do I not getting enough in the protein in my food? Unlike minerals and vitamins, amino acids do not have to be specified on labels.  They are not proteins, yet they usually get bundled under ‘protein.’  They are the building blocks of protein, as well as much more.  Without the detailed information of which amino acids of TWENTY-ONE are in your ‘protein,’ you cannot know whether you are getting enough or not. This is what a balanced diet is.  It means you understand the needs of the body, and source a diet to meet those needs.  If you don’t do this, you may think you are fine but you may start to experience symptoms that are signs of deficiency. You may put them down to other causes because you do not have the information that tells you that low mood, fatigue, depression, stress, low drive, low libido, and even more serious symptoms can all be linked to amino acid deficiencies. This is why we started this work: so many vegan acquaintances were benefiting from the diet, but suffering the symptoms mentioned above. They put it down to ‘state of the world’, ‘valid feeling for success levels’ or something else, not realising it may have easily been dietary. We have since found out that because very few people have a measured & truly balanced diet. We have seen that omnivores and vegans alike have shown and experienced perceptible benefit from supplementing. The easiest way to know is to try it.  If you feel better, you needed it. If you don’t then you didn’t. We have found that often, the first few times someone takes our amEnO that they experience rejuvenation, elevated energy levels, elevated mood, vigilance, focus, stamina.  This is usually just a ‘honeymoon period’ of deficiencies being topped up.   

Q: I take a protein powder, isn’t that enough? Only you know the ratios on your protein powder and whether it delivers enough essential amino acids for you.  If it is hemp, chia or quinoa based it may well do, if you are taking enough of it.  Others may just have some of the non-essential acids.  This is why Hemp Protein powder is so popular, because it contains all 9 essential amino acids and is one of the few plant sources that does. You have to take quite a lot of protein powder to match one of our doses.  Not everyone likes to drink 30-50+ grams of protein powder, and this is where amEnO comes in.  It’s not here to win taste points, it’s here for you to be able to get a bioavailable boost of essential amino acids ASAP and nothing more or less.   

Q: Aren’t they just for bodybuilders and athletes? This is the great myth! It’s tied in with the ‘amino acids are protein’ myth.  They are for everyone, because they are in ALL food!  Most blends out there are tweaked for bodybuilders needs, but ours is honed for everyday folks using World Health Organisastion published ratios. 

Q: How is amEnO different to others brands/blends? Our special blend uses a ‘natural-needs’ ratio (based on published amino acid needs in the body) that no other brand does. amEnO  also uses a mix of 10 amino acids that gives it its unique balance and effect. It contains our unique blend of the 9 essential amino acids plus 1 conditionally essential one, L-Tyrosine. Most others on the market are blended for bodybuilders.  If you are not a bodybuilder, perhaps our blend is just right for you! Plus, we are the only vegan friendly complete amino acid supplement that we know of!  If you know of one, contact us as we’d like to know who else is as genius and forward thinking as we are. 

Q: What are your Amino Acids made from? Many of the essential amino acids available are made from duck feather or human hair.  We had to search all over the world to find plant based sources made in NON-ALLERGENIC environments.  Ours are extracted from non-GMO corn. 

Q: Are Amino Acids safe? They are completely safe and are commonly used by bodybuilders/athletes to improve performance, recovery and muscle growth, but that is in blends tweaked to ratios to support those gains.  Amino acids in general are so versatile they do so much more as well in the body. 

Q: Why might I need Iodine supplements? There has been a recorded Iodine deficiency crisis for over a century.