Well, as you can tell from elsewhere on the site, the EU have really got in the way of us communicating honestly and easily with you.

GDPR means we need you to approve cookies otherwise it makes making your use of our site clunky and awkward.

So, please go ahead and accept. Rest assured, we have SSL, are hosted in the UK, only use third parties for the processing of your emails and orders (Brevo, Facebook, Instagram and Stripe are our three data sharing partners).

We’re a small UK family business, motivated by the wellbeing we have experienced from our products to share them. Your data is not one of our products. We treat it as carefully as we would like our own to be treated.

While we’re here another note on the EU’s influence on our service to you:

Their rules mean that because we are selling these products, we can’t tell you anything about them, without paying a LOT LOT LOT of money for EU official processes.

We’re not allowed to tell you what they do in the body, nor what everyone uses them for, heck, we’re not even allowed to tell you where you can go and learn it! Despite their uses being commonly known an easily to find in lots of credible resources.

UK Trading Standards could be very vicious to us if we wanted to link you to those resources, even university and national healthcare ones! Thankfully, our local agent has been very helpful and gentle with us while we learn to toe the line and keep our mouths shut… about everything we know.

Well, you can decide whether that is helpful and taking care of you, or getting in the way of you finding out what you need to know.