Amino Acids for Everyone

Everyone knows about vitamins and minerals, so those are the ones they are interested in when looking to boost their wellbeing, performance and overall health with a supplement.   ‘Minerals’ such as iron and calcium are usually remembered from school, while vitamins have been made ‘easy-access’ with the (A, B, C, etc.) nomenclature, so they are usually the main focus in terms of supplements for consumers. But what about the amino acids? read our FAQ on Amino Acids There is a common misconception concerning them as people think that they are meant only for bodybuilders or muscle. That is wrong and it is important to set things straight for the sake of your own health. Food labels are misleading and incomplete. Amino acids are bundled as ‘protein’ on food labels even though they are not actually proteins. As we all know, proteins significantly contribute to energy and muscle building. So people automatically associate amino acids only with the same effects. Nothing could be further from the truth.   Amino acids come with a plethora of advantages for people of all ages. They build Mood, Drive, Wellbeing, Satisfaction via neurotransmitters, as well as cartilage, bone and muscle. Everyone needs this kind of support.   Amino acids can significantly improve your life irrespective of your lifestyle or athletic interests. They have the power to make or break your day and even your overall success in life as your mental and physical wellbeing is a factor that influences everything you do.   Many people are going through life feeling overwhelmed, low in mood, they suffer from insomnia and can’t rest properly, low drive/motivation, poor self-esteem. They often attribute it to the state of the world, their poor success rates, their insufficient bank balance, to the people around them or to various other circumstances. This situation might seem familiar to you too.   They blame these external factors and may not realise the matter is mainly dietary, and possibly a deficiency in one of the essential amino acids. Unless you know the exact composition of foods, you have no way of knowing which essential amino acids you are getting. And who has enough time these days to analyse each meal?   The essential amino acids are the ones the body can’t make itself. If your body lacks these amino acids, this might be the real cause behind your state of discomfort.   Also, studies have shown that amino acids can help you avoid muscle loss, injuries and disabilities ( As we age, we are all more prone to such unpleasant events and changes.   You can’t make true decisions about a ‘balanced diet’ without this know-how on this very important group of amino acids. Moreover, even if you would try to do so, you will discover that it is challenging and time-consuming to ensure that your body gets all the amino acids it requires in order to function at a level than enables you to thrive.   Check out our infographic as to why you may not be getting enough nutrient from food, and why, until you have the know-how and supply chain, supplementing may be a wise way to support your body to its natural state of thriving.

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