The creation of Immun:I +

Our Immun:I + is a truly superior blend of premium antioxidants, vitamins and plant extracts.

This blend was created with the support of a team of international Doctors and researchers, making our recommended and used by Doctors label just that more accurate.

We were working with a medical research team to produce this blend during the COVID years. They compiled the data from their own front-line experiences with that of doctors from around the world and distilled the most effective ingredients. They then asked for our input from the natural health side to improve the formula… Immun:I+ was born.

We were originally simply supposed to produce the blend for the brand these Doctors were setting up, but their coalition fell through, and we were left with the recipe to use freely.

We have been surprised, even startled, by the powerful anecdotes and experiences of people using Immun:I+ on both long term and new issues.

Even if you take a few of the ingredients already as part of your regime, we’ve found customers discover something noticeably different with this all-in-one blend (while also able to make cash savings compared to their current protocol.)

Of course, we’ve all been told ‘this product is amazing,’ but we trust that your experience with our other products will enable you to take the leap to try this ‘level-up’ solution.

What more could you need than a natural-source product that has had the input of medical professionals combined with alternative health know-how, while noticeably helping your health and wellbeing?

And to make things even better, you can now get this blend in powder or capsules!

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