Contract Manufacture

While Bright Presence is growing at a wonderful rate, we still have spare capacity in the team.

We are now willing and able to make this resource available to other brands and micro-brands that may not have the production facility and capacity that we do.

So if you’re a health influencer, private brand or are looking to get started with your own brand or blend, speak to us about your production needs.

We can offer:

Clean blend formulation support: We will NOT make you add artificial additives and flow/anti-cake agents just to get your blend through our machines, but can support you in nutritionally functional equivalents, if they are needed at all.

We will use your supply chain – because we are a small business, we do not have fixed supply contracts. As such, we will use goods from your suppliers (providing they are supported by COA’s) rather than making you use ours. This leaves you in control of your blends supply chain quality.

Low MOQ’s – so many firms demand high MOQ’s – 100-300k capsules just to try your product out. Not us! We can use our small mixer and smaller machine to run very low volume batches for product trials and testing, or a small customer base.

Fast Turnaround – Ever since COVID-19 struck, the supplement manufacture industry has been on catch-up. The supply chain blips and delays affected everyone, and we know that some firms offer a 3 month turnaround on new orders. Because we are small and growing, we have just a few select customers we serve. This means we have the agility and capacity to give you a rapid turnaround, going from the 3 months you might find ‘out in the wild’ to a matter of weeks or even less.

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