Sponsorship of the Talisker Challenge sherOars team

We are excited and proud to sponsor the sherOars duo as they prepare to row across the Atlantic at the end of next year.

We’re a minor financial sponsor, but have the rowing team using our blends for their training, and on the row itself.

We’re proud of their willingness to use the products, and of their willingness to mention any effectiveness they experience.

The fact all their vital signs and resources will be constantly monitored, we’re hopeful to see some scientifically backed evidence of benefits to the blends to add to the endless anecdotes of personal experience we receive on a daily basis from customers all over the country.

We’re also proud to be sponsoring the spirit of the sherOars team – these two ladies decided they would undertake this challenge with NO PRIOR ROWING EXPERIENCE.

Our Managing Director, Darren says ‘After I got over the initial shock of hearing of such an undertaking, I could only celebrate the dynamicism and will of the human spirit on show – especially after the COVID years – in these two women.

Upon speaking with them in response to their open request for sponsorship, there was great synergy between us – I loved their everyday spirit and intention, they loved the spirit of our blends and ‘human centric’ way of operating..and thus the relationship was born!

We’ll keep you posted on their progress, and on any results from their use of our products, but for now, Bright Presence are happy to celebrate, support, champion and root for the spirit of the sherOars team!

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