amEnO essential is a complete essential amino acid blend with added Tyrosine. These are 9 amino acids that cannot be made in or by the human body. They must come from your diet or you are not getting them at all.

Support your body in maintaining health, vitality and wellbeing with amEnO, the only vegan friendly EAA supplement of its kind in Europe.

amEnO essential contains no additives, no preservatives and no inactive ingredients: just 100% pure free form amino acid powders for easy absorption by your body, and use by you.

How to Use Your Capsules

As we are trialling our new biodegradable bags, we have not yet had labels done to suit until we know we are happy, and our customers are happy with the format.

You will have received your capsules in a lovely bio-bag, but without too much info, so here’s what you need to know:

It’s just 100% pure plant based amino acids in there with no added…anything.

The are best taken on an empty stomach, and you can take them throughout the day if that suits you.

Take between 2 to 10 in each serving, where you’d have 2 if you’re a 5ft slightly built person, or 8-10 if you are a 6ft+ and bigger build.


The ratios are the same as in the amEnO powder blend, so based on the WHO ratios for what the body uses and here is what you can expect in a 2 capsule serving :


Serving Size: 2 capsules‡.
Pack contains: 75 servings.

­­Ingredients Per serving Per pack % RDA
L-Tyrosine* 70mg 70g
DL Phenylalanine 105mg 10.5g
L-Lysine 211mg 21.1g
L-Histidine 70mg 7g
L-Methionine 105mg 10.5g
L-Tryptophan 28mg 2.8g
L-Threonine 105mg 10.5g
L-Isoleucine** 565mg 56.5g
ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains no added allergens, preservatives or other additives. Some ingredients have been produced in a factory that handles milk, egg, nut, soy & gluten.

† based on an adult of 70kg; *conditionally essential
amino acid; **branched chain amino acids in the ratio
2.1.1.;‡ RDA’s not established.