Our IODn is a great addition to any first aid kit or supplement cupboard due to its range of uses.  The impact of soil depletion on Iodine is well recorded and if you are not sourcing good levels of seaweed and shellfish, or eating a meat balanced diet, then supplementing with IODn could be a wise move for your long term health and wellbeing.

Our IODn is the strongest, and original, version of Lugols Solution at 15%*.  It is of the highest grade made from mined Iodine crystals rather than extracted from seaweed/shellfish, making ours Vegan friendly.

Iodine is an essential element for healthy thyroid function, but too much is as bad as too little, so use with responsibility.

There are 3 primary uses:

  • As an Iodine Supplement (take 1-2** drops as an Iodine supplement, or as directed by your practitioner)
  • As a water purifier (add 4 drops to a litre of water and let it stand for 30 mins to 1 hour)
  • As a wound cleanser or disinfectant (use neat or diluted to 2% – it does sting!)

This element is often deficient in modern diets due to soil depletion and lack of ingestion of seaweeds/shellfish and is considered a national health issue in all modern developed nations except Japan, who have high levels due to the high levels of shellfish and seaweed consumed.  Deficiencies are more common in vegan diets as there is no animal source, which is the main source for other consumers along with Iodized Salt (which is effectively a commercial nationally-mandated supplement).

Most, if not all, vegans and some vegetarians should strongly consider IODn (Iodine) supplementation to avoid common deficiencies which can include fatigue, hypothyroidism, and propensity to fall ill.***

Iodine makes up a good percentage of Thyroxine, which is the thyroid hormone.  All blood in the body passes through the thyroid every 15-17 minutes and if Iodine levels are good, thyroxine levels are good, and any germs, viruses and other pathogens are weakened by the presence of the Iodine on each pass through the thyroid, either making them easier for the immune system to handle, or killing them outright (as it does when purifying water).* **

In 1993, the WHO estimated that of the 40 countries in the Eurozone, nearly 100 million people were Iodine deficient. It suggested that TWO of 40 countries had Iodine deficiencies under control, 10 were likely to, and the rest were struggling or had no data.  The common strategy is to add Iodine to salt in industry, which is commercial, low-level (to stay safe) supplementation. But if you don’t use much industrial salt or eat processed food, you would have no access to this mainstream supplementation.

*As many will point out, this is not a TRUE 15% Lugols Solution, it is the ORIGINAL Lugols Solution of 5% Iodine with 10% Potassium Iodide.  We use the nomeclature of ‘15%’ to be compared fairly with others who make the same percentage claim.  It would be confusing to any purchaser for us to list as ‘5%’.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Codex Commission nor the FDA and are not claims that this deficiency is the sole cause of any named symptom.

*** 2 drops of our IODn is equivalent to approximately 12.5 micrograms of Iodine in the form of 5 micrograms Iodine and 7.5 micrograms of Iodide


What’s all this about Lines on the label?

Modern medicine prefers the use of Iodide as a source of Iodine as it is deemed ‘safer’ because it does not contain neat Iodine, a pure element, despite Lugols Solution being the traditional blend.

However, we believe there is something special about Lugols Solution, because it is really Potassium Tri-Iodide in the form of Iodine with Potassium Iodide.  The Iodine atoms enter into a unique linear arrangement in the Tri-Iodide form that is not replicated in other forms.  While there is no medical basis for our statement, we firmly believe this molecular arrangement is the source of the effectiveness of Lugols Solution over other forms. The foundation of this theory is the other work of a Bright Presence co-founder, Chris Deojee, on lines and their role in nature which can be found via his website,  This theory has no impact on your use of our IODn as compared with any other form of Lugols Solution as is only added to the label for the benefit of clients of Chris.