Why  amEnO?

the essential amino acids are as important in every way as Vitamins and Minerals, but most people don’t even know about them. They don’t think ‘am I getting enough Tryptophan’ in the same way they think ‘am I getting enough Vitamin C, D, A etc’.  Most consumers can’t even know as they are always bulked together as ‘protein’ on food labels so you can’t tell which ones are in your food.

Ironically, the essential amino acids aren’t even proteins – they are the building blocks of protein, and myriad other things. They are responsible for essential neurotransmitters that govern mood, energy, drive/motivation, satisfaction as well as being instrumental in good sleep, cartilage formation (important for arthritis sufferers) and much more.

Many say enough amino acids are derived from a healthy, balanced diet – but how many people know that a balanced diet means that you know about things like amino acids (as well as mineral and vitamins) and are able to source enough food with them all in to prevent deficiencies.

The problem with amino acids is that the deficiencies easily masquerade as something else.  eg:

*mood and motivation levels
*less-than-thriving energy levels
*poor sleep
*self-esteem & confidence levels
*feelings of overwhelm or inability to cope

So you can have someone  who is suffering from the above but may put it down to work, stress, state of the world…whatever, but they may not realise it may be at least partly a dietary issue.


Naturally, the ideal is that we all have enough food know-how, and the will to use it, with access to a quality supply chain to prevent such.   But be it due to limited dietary habits or restrictions, secretly knowing you don’t eat as well as you ‘should’, or the well recognised need for a nutritional boost later in life, or the well documented nutrient depletion in soil and crops, supplementing to maintain and normal and natural state of thriving  in life makes sense.

amEnO has been made specially to suit all diets and contains a unique and effective blend to support you throughout the day.