This is called a ‘magic powder’ by its fans, but for the majority of people amEnO tastes terrible.  Really.

We recommend to use fresh/concentrated lemon or grapefruit juice to help with the taste as they seem to work best.    If they are not pleasant tastes for you, try another strong concentrate.  Despite the taste, after a few weeks, most people find it less offensive.

To get the most out of your amEnO, always shake the pot WELL before use, and take enough for your body size on the scale of 1-5 teaspoons.  Once you have used it for the first couple of days you should have a sense of what it is doing for you as unlike vitamins or minerals, you should feel it.  If you don’t you may need some more.

Once you get a sense of it, you can decide how often you want to use it. Some save it for ‘big days’, others take a light teaspoon just as a dietary ‘top up’.  Find what works for you and get that THRIVING feeling again!


Diatomaceous Earth

We recommend you use this for 1-3 days before starting your amEnO.  Take 1tsp -> 1 dessert spoon TWICE daily in water or food.  It’s is fairly benign in flavour.

This incredible substance is a safe and gentle anti-parasitic and colon cleanser. We have found that if one is harbouring parasites without knowing or if there is a sluggish colon, it can greatly impact whether people have a WOW or ‘just ok’ experience with their amEnO.  It is a great foundation to get the most from your amino acid supplement.  You can keep using it even once you’ve started on amEnO.



We stock this for a similar reason to the Diatomaceous Earth – if one is Iodine deficient and has the associated fatigue, amEnO will not give the full energy and motivation boost it is capable of. 

Take a drop to 2 drops daily or periodically.  It is more important for vegans to be mindful of Iodine intake as one of their only sources is seaweed or some salts, but it is worth noting there has been an Iodine crisis in the West since the turn of the 20th Century. Do not use if you have hyperthyroidism.



Taken at night, this will reset the circadian rhythm and ensure you have enough melatonin to get a restful nights sleep.  Taken during the day, it will provide a mood-balancing serotonin boost which is great for depression/low mood, anxiety or nerves.

Tryptophan does not mix easily, but if you shake it in a jar or other sealed container, it mixes in about 30 seconds of shaking.  It tastes slightly bitter but is manageable for most people.  If the taste is a challenge, have it with more water.  Consult your care provider if you are taking medication for mood or mental health before using Tryptophan.

Smaller people should start with a ¼ teaspoon, larger at ½.