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6 modules that will teach you what is REALLY going on in your relationships (including with your self and your own aspirations), how to break out of a rut, reconnect and/or take the next step towards the life you dream of, and deserve

Get Relationships You've Dreamed Of

Reason 1

Transform existing relationships of all sorts, and find out what REALLY went wrong in the past ones. Not in a relationship?  learn the keys to attract the right person! 

Understand Gender Like a Ninja

Reason 2

Why do you need this?  well, to back up reason 1, and so you can be the 'go-to' person in your circles for advice, guidance and wisdom.  You will understand what gender REALLY is, and how it moves in and between all people like..well, a ninja! 

Be a Communicator instead of a Presenter

Reason 3

What most people call communication is really just expressing or presenting.  It's ok, just.  But it ain't communicating... Communicating is Conceiving, its facilitating Conception in another...which is pure, 100% gender.  

When you communicate, instead of presenting or expressing, you'll finally get the results you were hoping for when you were expressing yourself.  

Achieve Gender Mastery

Reason 4

OK, well, you might not achieve FULL gender mastery during the course, but you will be firmly on the road to a life of increasing mastery in a way that leaves others staring into the dust of their destroyed families and relationships.   You WILL learn how to flip your gender modes, spot the gender modes in others and adjust so you can be the most effective person you can be - and that rocks..everyone can see and feel it and you will be a prize to be around.

Shake the Hump and Embody True Positivity

Reason 5

'Positivity' is about electricity, not mood....and as you'll learn, the Electric Charge in you has everything to do with gender, and nothing to do with mood!  

When Gender is unskilled and untrained, it's like an untrained emotion - it causes harm to us and those around us.  It's often our gender energy that makes us do things that make us say 'i wish that could have gone otherwise' later.  

A few instances of this and it's easy to end up in a hump of low self mood, low self worth and a growing resentment or even depression from the lack of positive change and connection. There is often a sense of powerlessness over what or how to change with this as we don't realise it is a pure gender issue.  This pushes our loved ones, and our potential loved ones, further and further away.  

Sort that out once and for all.

Assert Yourself with Archetypal Power

Duration: 3h 55m

Do you struggle to say 'No'?  Or do you struggle to let your self have new 'not like you' experiences by saying 'No' too much?  

Both of these are a 100% gender issue - that's right, I said a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT gender issue.  

When you understand the gender qualities and the toltec Archetypes and how they play out in your relationships and, in fact, in ALL YOUR INTERACTIONS 24/7you'll start to shift this to allow courageous new experiences, to comfortably assert what you really want or don't want, and to finally have the personal boundaries and space you didn't even realise you were capable of.

Not only that, you'll be able to see these archetypes playing out all around you so you can be a real player in your life, instead of along for the ride either too sheepishly or too brashly and cockily, both of which are as bad as the other when human connection is the desired goal.


And you get to Join in with a LIVE Q&A

There will be a LIVE fortnightly Q&A webinar with me to help anchor what you have learned, and to give you a chance to bring your LIVE situations to me and the group.  This would usually cost you almost as much as the whole course to have addressed in a 121.  




My god talk about paradigm shift.  Being able to dive in like that just creates this bond I have never, ever experienced before. Mate this is crazy, this is next level stuff.  This is just the best relationship I could've ever imagined myself in. Actually, I couldn't imagine it could be this good. Just crazy man


 I wont lie, the mrs has been all over me. lots of it is due to your teachings on masculine and feminine. Honestly, its like we are a new couple. sat down and talked for hours and lotttts of sex !







Just to let you know you saved my marriage of 25 years!


My wife wanted a divorce, It was over.  Not any more.  After I applied this work, she was all over me the 1st night!  She could really feel the Charge!



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