Amino Acids for Vegans

One of the biggest issue facing veganism as a long term viable choice for the majority of humans is the blurring of ethical/moral arguments with nutrition when the two are wholly unrelated.  This leads to some feeling unable to thrive mid to long term as vegans, sometimes with unintended health consequences.

This is not addressed by many advocates for the vegan lifestyle because their passion to ease the plight of animals makes them want to paint the vegan diet as ‘the perfect diet for all humans,’ when nutritional knowledge simply does not support this position eg most vegans know they need B12 supplements yet many are lax in taking them because deficiency symptoms take so long to show themselves, or they believe ‘a bit of mud left on your carrots’ provides enough when dietary know-how simply does not back that up. But what of Iodine, Calcium, Lysine? 

Nutritional guidance & knowledge is needed to enable oneself to thrive with the vegan lifestyle as a long-term choice without incurring later health complications. This naturally applies to ALL diets and lifestyles, but here we look from the vegan perspective. The problem with later health complications is that by the time one finds out, it’s often too late.  

At Bright Presence Nutrition Enrichment™ we support your ethics and your lifestyle choices, but not at a masked cost to your wellbeing or long term health.  This is why we bring our range of vegan friendly supplements here for you – to thrive for the long term, not just survive.  Is it really worth ‘saving the animals’ at the cost of your own long term health and wellbeing?  

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More on Amino Acids for Vegans

Amino acids are vital for maintaining the body’s health, yet they are often overlooked in comparison to gaining enough vitamins and minerals. Vegans are all-too-often unaware that they are not ingesting enough amino acids in their current diet. This may be the cause of health and energy issues that are often incorrectly attributed to other issues eg material success, state of the world, plight of the animals, stress, overwork etc .

Amino acids are important because they are essential building blocks that the body uses for many purposes. They bond together to form proteins, are crucial to the health of our skin, flesh and bones, as well as the hormones and digestive enzymes that travel through our bodies. Amino acids are integral to every metabolic process and without a good supply of them we are unable to thrive, emotionally, mentally or physically.

According to the National Institutes of Health, amino acids are most easily digested from meat. However there are plenty vegan foods that can replace meat as a good source of amino acids. These include lentils, walnuts, sunflower and chia seeds, pinto, quinoa, hemp seed, kidney and black beans, tofu and tempeh. However these foods have to be eaten in the right balance, and in large and regular quantities to gain the right mix and amount of essential amino acids required to maintain optimum health.

When you move to a vegan diet, you cut out entire food groups and must make informed choices to compensate. This is in fact the meaning of a ‘balanced and varied diet’ – not that you just ‘eat enough vegetables’, but that you know about not just vitamins and minerals, but also antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes etc and can make informed food choices to ensure a rich supply for your body.  Until that time, supplementing is an effective and accessible way to ensure your energy and wellbeing is maintained. 

Too often vegans complain of symptoms that could be attributed to a lack of amino acids. People may consider that bad diet symptoms are just things like physical strength and stamina, however they do not always realise that mental and emotional well-being can also be compromised. Low mood and a lack of energy and motivation can be factors that arise due to insufficient quantities of amino acids.

Poor sleep quality and diminished self-esteem can also be attributed to not ingesting enough amino acids through reduced production of the neurotransmitters that govern these. The feeling of being unable to cope and a sense of being overwhelmed can easily be misdiagnosed. You may think these feelings are due to stress or taking on too much responsibility when it is in fact your diet that is impacting your mindset.

Insufficient amino acids do not only upset mental well-being, they can also be a contributing factor for serious and chronic health conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. The saddest aspect of this is that it can take many years for deficiencies to become apparent and by that time, it is too late to correct.

The Institute of Optimum Nutrition states that osteoarthritis major causes are improper diet and lifestyle. They believe that this upsets the body’s metabolism and therefore affects the health of joints. A more worrying statistic has been published by the institute which suggests that eighty percent of over 50s have symptoms of osteoarthritis.

However there is something that vegans can do to prevent this fate. Vegans can safeguard their current and future health by taking a regular supplement regime that includes of amino-acids, until they have access to the nutritional information, and supply chain, to fulfil the needs to THRIVE, not just survive. These supplements contain the right levels to ensure that their body is not deprived of these crucial building blocks.

Our amino acid supplements are guaranteed to be of a high and consistent quality. They contain enough amino acids to ensure your daily recommended allowance is easily within reach. This supplement is easy to take and means you can concentrate eating the food you enjoy and living the lifestyle that suits you. You can trust amEnO to swiftly and healthily supply your body the right essential amino acids in the right ratios.


There is no need for the troubling impact of an amino acid deficiency to creep up on you until it takes over your life. amEnO supplements provide an easy way to consume a healthy level of amino acids so that you can concentrate on eating foods that you love.


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