Amino Acids for Over 50’s

It is a common misconception that Amino Acids are just used by body builders as a protein supplement when actually Amino Acids aren’t even proteins! They are essentially building blocks for our bodies and a large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of Amino Acids.

Not only this, Amino Acids are also responsible for essential neurotransmitters that effect our overall state of mind and wellbeing. They are responsible for the neurotransmitters that govern mood, energy, drive/motivation, satisfaction as well as being instrumental in good sleep, cartilage formation (important for arthritis sufferers) and much more.

Amino Acids are as important in every way as Vitamins and Minerals because they can affect our overall state of mind as well as our general health. Out of 20 Amino Acids, our bodies cannot produce 9 from other food components, this makes it crucial that we obtain them somehow.

The key point of the essential amino acids is that if you are not getting them from diet, you are not getting them at all with potentially serious consequences for your body, lifestyle, capacity and general wellbeing.


Nutrient Absorption in Over 50’s


For Over 50’s this can represent a slight problem as generally the over 50’s consume less food so they have less of a nutrient profile for the body to use. More significantly, over time the body gradually loses the ability to effectively absorb the essential nutrients from food as the metabolic rate slows down, meaning there is a ‘double deficit’ to take into account for the middle-aged to aged.


The general belief that “I have less energy/resource/drive due to age” is a fallacy which is disproven by the many very fit and able people who engage in such activities as running marathons, teaching multiple exercise classes a week, and running thriving business, even nations, well into the Golden Years. Ultimately, it is a fair possibility that the decline noted by so many is simply caused by malnutrition brought on by the reasons above. This can cause many Over 50’s to suffer unnecessarily when in fact an increase in their nutrients intake and more specifically an increase in their Amino Acids intake, would make them feel very different about the whole situation.

A recent study from Germany carried out by the “DAK” has revealed that older people in particular are more prone to suffering from malnutrition. “If the body is lacking in the minimum energy and nutrients, the body cannot carry out its bodily and mental functions. Without the necessary vitamins, proteins (amino acids), trace elements and minerals, there is a risk of debilities and metabolic disorders which can have serious consequences.”

Additionally the Institute for Optimum Nutrition cites this about osteoarthritis: “The major causes are improper diet and lifestyle, which, over the years can upset the body’s metabolism and ability to keep joints healthy.” and goes on to say that EIGHTY PERCENT of over 50’s show osteoarthritis symptoms.   This also doesn’t even include the effects that the right amino acids have on your hair and skin!.

How many of them know about amino acids? Or knew when they were young enough to fend this suffering off? The staggering implication is that only ONE FIFTH of all the adult population are getting enough nutrition and living a  healthy enough lifestyle to fend off this epidemic disease. Do you really want to wait to find out?

These studies highlight the significant impact on general health that malnutrition can have on the over 50’s. The growing awareness of this is demonstrated by the increasing number of supplements targeted at the Over 50’s.


So how do I know if this is me, and how do I stop this from happening?


If you’re over 50 and struggle with a balanced and healthy diet, then you could already be suffering from a variety of deficiency-linked symptoms, these include (but are not limited to):
• Low mood
• Low energy levels
• Poor Sleep
• Low Motivation
• Low Self-Esteem
• Feelings of overwhelm or inability to cope
• Cartilage and muscle atrophy

If you suffer from any one of these symptoms then you could be suffering from a minor form of deficiency. If so, you may struggle to intake all of the necessary nutrients through your diet unless it fits the definition of a ‘balanced and varied diet’ which means you know about all the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids etc and which foods have them in the quantities you require.

We at Bright Presence Nutrition Enrichment recognise this is a big learning curve, especially when even food labels don’t break down which amino acids are in the ‘protein’ profile of foods (and remember – some of the amino acids aren’t even protein, yet still get bundled into that category on your food labels!) Until you have the know-how, or a nutritionist/dietician on hand, then supplementing could be the answer for you.

We offer a range of stand alone Amino Acids as well as our custom amEnO essential blend which can help restore your body to its optimum ‘normal’ functioning, just like it used to, by providing it with these readily bioavailable building blocks, delivered in a vegan friendly easy-to-mix form.

Have a look at what other users are saying in our reviews’ section. Feel free to browse through our online store. One thing is for sure: don’t buy the myth that getting older means you must experience less energy, motivation or capacity – look at global business and government leaders, they’re only just getting warmed up at 50!


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